Do you use a typewriter?

It always seems so romantic, but is it really practical? Please share your thoughts.


  1. Audra Russell

    I have one. I love typewriters. I even wrote a blog post once on my typewriter and then scanned it and put it on my blog. Is it practical? That’s a matter of personal choice. In the age of technology, I would say no off the bat, but we typewriter lovers don’t do it for the practicality, we do it for the love of the type writer. No distractions. No way to click into another window. When you sit to write at a typewriter you. Just. Write. It’s you and your imagination. I find I easily slip into what I call “the zone” when I use my typewriter versus when I use my laptop.

  2. pfgpowell

    Yes, if by ‘typewriter’ you mean ‘word processor (as in software) always. It has been my salvation. In fact, word processors are even better because you can to back and re-write till kingdom come until you have got it just as you want it. My handwriting is by all accounts illegible and my hand begins to ache badly after just a few minutes of writing by hand. But I no longer have to do that. Even better, a few years ago I taught myself to touch-type and lord has that made a difference. I can now write almost as fast as I think, and there’s very little of that going back to correct loads of silly typing mistakes which always interrupt, then wreck you train of though.

    But, Mia, I am here because I want to email you and despite having done so several times before quite successfully can’t find how I did it.

    What I want to say is that there is a slight glitch on the website software in that if you write and leave a comment, then want to edit it, hitting the edit button doesn’t take you into editing mode but back ‘home’. I don’t know whether you are aware of it, but it would be great if at some point it could be sorted out.

    And I wouldn’t bother leaving that request if I didn’t think that this is a very, very useful site and for which I am grateful.

    All the best, Patrick.

  3. pfgpowell

    PS Were there an editing facility which worked, I would edit what I have just said to correct a couple of literals and infelicities, but also to add – which I didn’t put in when I wrote it – that word processors make rewriting and editing SO easy. My heart and sincere admiration go out to all those who wrote before typewriters and word processors, especially all the Victorian writers (who anyway wrote so much more) and who laboriously scribbled away with, initially, quill and ink for hours on end – without central heating, electric light, Spotify, ice-cold beer in the fridge and all the rest – but still turned out some good stuff. (The bad stuff, of which there was also some, did not survive). So, typewriters/word processors – you bet!