Answer From the Fingers by Debbie Gravett

Will fear make Tori run away from a possible opportunity?

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Hyle Bathurst
10 months ago

Hi Debbie!
This was fantastic! I love Tori. (I have a fondness for badass female characters) I haven’t read the previous installment but I’m going to change that. Love this! I hope there will be more of this character. I’m curious about what her new job will entail.

Athina Antoniou
10 months ago

Hi Debbie,
I enjoyed reading this new installment of the story. I thought for a minute that Tori was in danger, but it transpired in the end that she was not – unless of course there’s another twist to the story next month. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading your story next month.

10 months ago

Hi Debbie
I’m excited to know that you’re opening mew avenues for Tori, and that the magic side is coming out more and more as the story goes on. I never really know who to trust in each installment, but that makes the story more compelling. Thank you for another installment xxx

Melanie Delaney
10 months ago

Hi Debbie,

Now I am heading back to read the October story.
This one was great. It headed in one way then went in a totally different direction. You handled the pacing well.
I want to know more about the library and this new job so i will be back next month.

Well done,

JM Barrie
10 months ago

Nice one, Debbie. I haven’t read the earlier instalments, but I thought this worked well as a standalone story. Loved the tense misdirection at the start – I did think the story was going to unfold in a much darker way than it did, so was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.

The job sounds intriguing – I need to remember to read next month to learn more about it (hopefully)

Jeff Mauser
10 months ago

You are doing a great job of continuing the story Debbie.

I’ve read the past ones so I know the background, but your stories are so well written you don’t really need that to at least get the idea of what’s happening along the way.

The story had a great pace and I was panting along with the gentleman when Tori finally stopped. LOL

Thanks for the great read

10 months ago

Hi Debbie,
this was intriguing. I’m guessing this is a kind of “call-to-action” bit from “the messenger” in your bigger story? This would’ve immediately hooked me in to read the rest of the book. Just imagine – a library of miscatalogued magical items. O wow.

10 months ago

Hi Debbie, I enjoyed this instalment and can’t wait to see what is next in store for Tori. You captured my attention with her sparkling fingertips and her sudden floating… Well done.

10 months ago

Hi Debbie, I love where you went with this story, and that you added a depth of mystery and tension to get there. I am so curious now about the library; it has so much possibility!

10 months ago

Hello Debbie and great job with this. I viewed your archive quickly and am all caught up and hooked. I like the way you reveal characters through conversations. Looking forward to the next episode. Regards, Seyi

SM Prasad
10 months ago

Hi Debbie,
The tension in the beginning of the story just sucked me in. I am still not so sure that the stranger who caught up with Tori can be trusted. I have enjoyed your series so far and I’m looking forward to the next one. The pace moves quickly and it seems as there are no extraneous words in this story. Well done.

Amrita Sarkar
9 months ago

Hi Debbie,
This is such an amazing story! You are adding layer after later of intrigue to Tori’s story, and drawing the readers in. This is great story-telling! What I love is the manner in which you are binding the fantasy genre with some dark realism. I hope this will be a full-fledged series, because it definitely has the makings of a bestseller. Waiting for more. Thank you for sharing!