All I Really Need….. by Sophia Bonnie Wodin

“All I really need is a song in my heart/ food in my belly/love in my family…”

Rafi’s song fills the air.

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Carolyn Dekat
9 months ago

How precious! Children, family, pandemonium, and life lessons, all wrapped in a short but lovely package. Bravo! I love this.

9 months ago

Dear Sophie,

This warms the heart like the wood-stove in the first paragraph! This was so precious and beautifully executed with so much going on in under 500 words. I miss my parents after reading this 🙂

“double digit authority” – this is very original and will stay with me.

Thank you for your contribution and well done!

9 months ago

Hi Sophie and thanks for some excellent short story telling. Your writing is very descriptive and the happy bedlam that goes with life in a close-knit family comes through loud and clear. I did wonder about the sentence “His Dad’s eyes met mine over the children’s heads.” Made me wonder if Max was not the narrator’s biological child. Perhaps if you dropped teh word “His” from teh beginning, that would take care of any ambiguity? Do feel free to ignore this suggestion if it does not work. Thanks for a very heart-warming story and very best regards, Seyi