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    So a stupid question: I am in Canada, Québec actually. The dead line is the 15th at what time and where?

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  • BY CHANCE  by Linda Sansalone

    Holding the screen door propped open with her back, Stevie reached into her money belt for her door key when a flash of colour and cellophane caught her eye.  She picked up the b […]

  • The Humpback Whale breached out of the ocean water, while Claire pushed record on her cell phone.  Claire was so excited to see the whale breach, unfortunately she had pressed ‘pause’ instead of ‘rec […]

    • Nice! I can’t tell you how many times I thought I had pressed record, only to discover that I had not!

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  • Impossible Boy by EsterS28
    I left a blank space for you in my heart. It’s foolish to keep holding on, but every time I close my eyes I can see you looking back at me with your sweet smile. I can never go back t […]

    • Kim replied 2 weeks ago

      I found this incredibly sad.
      so much wasted – what held her back from declaring her love for him, I wonder?
      very well written 🧡

      • Thank you very much! I’ve found that sometimes we have connections with people that really never end up being anything other then a memory of someone you once loved.

    • Hi Ester, very powerful and painful….you struck a chord. Nicely done.

    • Hi Ester, this is very raw and very beautiful. I can definitely feel the pain and longing. My only suggestion would be to set it out with more of the shape of a poem, to make your beautiful words stand out more. Something like this:
      I left a blank space for you in my heart.
      It’s foolish to keep holding on,
      but every time I close my eyes
      I can see you looking back at me
      with your sweet smile.

    • As a mother who lost a son this resonates deeply with me.
      Very beautiful and very sad.

    • To wait for someone who never comes…beautifully rendered. The only line I suggest changing is the fourth – what if you moved the is at the end so it starts the fifth line to give the space in my heart more oomph?

    • This is raw. I agree with Jane! Sit with it and form it into a poem. It will resonate beautifully. So many of my own poems begin with a journal entry, with prose, and I just break it into lines and stanzas, omitting some unnecessary words. You will be surprised how well it flows, and how the impact of the words changes, grows.

    • This is the first prose poem I’ve read this time and works well as such. You could make it look like a more conventional poem, but I don’t think you have to. Well done.

    • Brought tears to my eyes. That is true writing. Your words flow, and sweep the reader to your sorrow.

  • Fresh start by Claire Young


    Sign here; write this; do that this way
    Say that this time and this that day.
    Wear that like this, and pray this way,
    Don’t look at boys, and don’t be gay.

    The prompts you gave to […]

    • Hi Claire, This is a great poem. You have managed to make it sensitive, raw and truthful – whilst rhyming. Something I really struggle with my self. I think poetry is about pouring your feelings and emotions out on the page and you have done it beautifully. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Claire, I am in love with your poem! Especially the lines – The prompts you gave to write my life,
      Took me down roads I would not drive. I never thought the prompt ‘blank’ could be approached positively! You really did a fantastic job! And congratulations on breaking the template!

    • Claire love the poem. Loved The prompts you gave to write my life. Took me down roads I would not drive. And
      The template given I negate ……


    • ❤️Thnks tons

    • Love your no-holds barred unflinching unapologetic take on your OWN life- why should anyone dictate how we decide to live,who to love ,who gives anyone that right except you yourself.
      Proud of this – and you ! 🤗- thanks for putting it out there!

    • Such a lovely poem, you have expressed so well the desires of an independent and free- spirited girl who has a mind of her own and wants to live life on her own terms.

    • Thanks tons Kim❤️

    • I’m so glad you found the blank slate to write your own story! Catchy beat, but real and vulnerable. Well done!

    • There are several blanks but I like blanks (Canvas) that change life from nothing to something. Its a creative poem.

    • Wow. You’ve expressed everything so well, and brilliantly without an ounce of anger, just determination to forgo what was and press on with what is. Well done. Each stanza has great merit, but I especially liked this one, the turning point, the taking hold of your life:

      The prompts you gave to write my life,
      Took me down roads I would not drive.
      Yet, through it all I listened and did,
      But now I choose to counter your bid.

      Well done!

    • Well done for expressing your resolve to live an independent, self-determined life in such a good poem.

  • Can’t by Jennifer Bozarth


    Mom asked me for a favor

    and for once my mind went blank

    Because of Covid 19

    Our situation stank

    My teenage daughter’s home all day

    With full-time special needs

    With Daddy’s job […]

    • Clare replied 2 weeks ago

      Gosh – I think we will all relate to this in different ways. So true! I don’t have nearly the same pressures as you appear to be facing, but I too have my “brat” moments and the blankness has been so incapacitating. Your use of rhyme lightens the heavy subject and gives a gentler touch with humour. Take care of yourself somehow, even if it’s venting via poetry…

    • Great poem Jennifer. I love the flow and they rhyme. It is a sad reality, but it is our current reality and we need to do what is best for us and our family to keep us healthy.

      I have heard many people, myself included that we will not know how to interact with people again when we are allowed to socialize again. At the moment I just don’t want to.

      I hope you get your colour back soon and life has a better normalcy than it has right now. Good luck and stay safe. Carry on writing, it helps.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Can I just say, HOW FREAKEN RELATABLE!!! I enjoyed this poem, the flow, and the tone. Bless you. Be strong and take care.

    • So raw and real, with a catchy beat! I’m having a hard time, too, everyone with different expectations and needs with regard to “social distancing”. Be well and know your care is seen and appreciated.

    • Hi Jennifer, wow sounds like your plate is full too overflowing. I hope you worked out how to say no. Sometimes it can be the hardest word. A great poem and as others have said above – very relatable to many people at the moment. But I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to be stuck at home full time with a special needs child and a husband who is ‘not allowed’ to help. Take care.

    • I totally feel all the feelings that are in this poem – the guilt and the overwhelm and the reality. Sometimes putting it down on paper like this makes it all so clear. I liked your use of rhymes and yet being expressive of the situation and why it is necessary to adjust expectations. Rather sad, but evoked empathetic emotions. Nice work

    • I am sure your parent will understand ‘no, sorry’ as a concept – after all they must have said it hundreds of times to you and your family. I understand, though, your frustrations with the overload put on you by the virus. I hope putting your thoughts on paper has helped. Thank you for sharing.

    • You’ve captured the reality of your situation so brilliantly, with these verses, rhythm, and rhyme, it is so relatable and so real. My mom always liked to say “this too shall pass”, and I suppose it will, but I suspect it’s going to be a while longer yet and we just have to hang in there and do what we can. Be safe, stay strong, keep writing!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this poem. It captures the weight of the pandemic while also keeping it light with the rhymes. I especially liked the lines
      Before this Covid nightmare
      We were drivers, lunchers, carers
      Now our situation groups us with
      The sorry-we-don’t-darers.
      Glad you still dare to write despite everything. 🙂

    • Nicely done, and I think we can all relate in some way to your well done writing.

  • Prayer-Filled Souls by E. Steele

    My mind feels so blank
    While my heart feels as though it will break 
    So many emotions…
    Flitting from here to there…
    I’m unsure what I’m even feeling from
    One minute to the next […]

    • You captured the pain, loss, and subsequent grief of not only losing a loved one but not knowing – who – why? This tears apart families, friends, and observers, as you so skillfully described. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


    • Great way to process this horrible news, with a poem describing big emotions and blank/confused mind. I echo the “heartbreakingly beautiful”

    • Hi Elizabeth, I had not heard of this case, I did a quick google and it sounds awful. You have captured the great loss and the intense sadness of the loss of life of these children. A good use of the prompt.

      • I actually had written another poem for the prompt but decided to share this one I had written for the group I’ve been involved with in trying to find the children. It was a heartbreaking and cruel case to follow and work on with an extremely tragic and horrendously brutal ending. I only hope that justice is served.

        This poem, and others, helped people find their own ways to express their sorrow and reach out to the family members and friends we know. I hope it continues to help others who have experienced such tragedy.💜

        • Me too, words definitely help with the healing process and with that creative outlet for pain.

    • Powerful writing, I had not followed the story, but I can see that you were very close to it and deeply affected. Thanks for writing.

    • A powerful poem that will resonate for many as well as being a response to the particular case you were writing about.

      Such sadness in the world. I find solace in writing poetry about the difficult things in life. I hope you do too and that your words will speak to those who read what you write.

      Thank you for sharing.

    • I really like the last two lines, although the details in the poem itself are a bit vague — to connect with the event mentioned in the comments.
      Maybe you could make it a little more personal/specific to what happened?
      Alas. Still a decent write!

  • Blank by Cinthia Albers


    Blank paper before me
    A blank screen staring at me
    The cursor flashing, mocking me
    My brain goes white
    My mind screams out nothing
    I am blank, inside blank, being blank
    Humiliated by […]

    • Hi Cinthia. Oh yes that blank screen or that blank paper. As hard for artists as it is for writers I believe. Well done:) A great take on the prompt.

    • Hi I also wrote about the blank page. I emjoyed reading your take and the idea of becoming the blank page. That is quite a philosophical concept – I shall muse on that for a while.
      Thanks for sharing.

    • Great poem Cinthia. This so resonated with me as I am struggling to write and the moment and missed my first 12 short stories post in three and a half years. I could feel the raw desperation of being sucked into nothingness and being that blank page that feels empty.

      The piece flows well and your repetition of blank drives home the feeling of hopelessness. I love the word vacuous.

      Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • That’s a very original thought – that you become the blank page you are staring at. It must be the opposite to becoming what you write. Interesting.

    • I like how you took every writers’ struggle against the page and made it your own. I especially like the assonance in the lines
      Humiliated by brain blockage
      The empty, vacuous sound
      Of my brain sucking into the void
      — the repeating u and o sounds bring the feeling closer to the reader. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Yes, very apt, relatable and great word choices. The blank page can certainly feel like a void…and we can certainly feel like we become it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Great lines: the empty vacuous sound
      Of my brain sucking into the void

      And. Until I become the blank page

      We all know what this feels like. You’ve expressed it well.

  • Blank Verses by CReese
    Awash with untold possibilities,
    Untouched by thought or pen, by word or rhyme–
    The page before me lies crisp and pristine
    Awaiting my delicate touch to live.
    And what shall find its […]

    • A really nice poem you’ve created here. Your opening four lines really grab me….ah yes, a blank page not to be feared but to be glanced upon with so much potential.

      I really like these two well-crafted lines ‘This is the glory of a page that’s blank! This is the reason scribes worship their pens!’ Lovely.

    • This is a masterful poem. I do like the way you chose to use the prompt. I also enjoyed all the different uses of this blank slate:) Really well done.

    • Realy enjoyed reading this. I love the language you use – and the many possibilities that you list. This makes me feel really upbeat and excited about the potential of the blank page.

      Very well done.

    • Beautiful poem. I love that you make this about all the possibilities and listing them creates a spark of hope in a stuck artist’s mind.

      Love this line:
      And what shall find its birth among these lines?

      The piece flows well and I had to look up acolyte and love this word and how you have used it. I often feel that I am a messenger and these are not necessarily my words. To worship my pen.

      Great work. Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • This month many seem to have gone for the blank page option of the prompt. Yours is an original take on the theme – that the blank page actually gives you the opportunity to write in all these different styles, not something to be despaired at. If I may just grumble about something – poetess sounds archaic to me. A poet is what you are.

    • I love how positive a perspective you took on the blank page–pregnant with possibilities indeed as you so wonderfully list. Thank you for sharing this way of thinking, it’s something i sorely needed reminding of. 🙂

  • After Argument, Void by K McLain


    ‘Fair in love and war,’ you said–

    and the madness that ensued

    pitched battle after battle

    into hearts at once unglued.

    Why heed a call for reason?

    I’ll see your reaso […]

    • Great poem. I had to look up ‘chiaroscuros’ but once I’d read it with understanding I loved the pictures it painted in my mind with the shades of grey you talk about. Drawing smudges in excuses.

      Your words flow nicely and I can feel the build up to the screams at the end. You have a number of wonderful sentences and these are two of my favourites:
      I’ll see your reason burned.
      doctored facts my tinfoil roof.

      Thanks for the most enjoyable and relatable read.

    • I see we drew inspiration from the same kind of experience this month, but the outcomes are so different! That is what fascinates me of this whole 12SS experience.
      I could feel the destruction of your ‘dance’ unfolding in the beautiful phrases of “unglued hearts” and “burned reason” – and I think the pivot is in this line: “how might I understand / languages I’ve never learned?” The acknowledgement of the rift in communication – so much so that the battle can’t be fought on pre-agreed terms.
      I found this riveting. Thank you.

    • This was a very clever poem. I agree with Hanri that the rift of communication seems impossible to fix. I like the idea you have thrown in of not understanding the language required to fix it – the languages of love. Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • This is a very clever poem – such depth of language and I enjoyed the way rhyme holds things together.
      An excellent take on the prompt and every well executed.

    • This is a poem born of anger and the emotion shows through. You use the sort of language so many rows are based on! Well done.

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