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  • Emily had just begun the long escalator ride down to the metro station platform when somebody grabbed her ass. 

    She had been riding the metro on that Thursday evening wearing a shimmery dress and very high, […]

    • That is a beautiful story, even though there is the sexual violence in it. I particularly liked how you detailed the action and spelled out very carefully what happened from the glasses slipping to the backpack swinging, to the lost shoe. I had some difficulty in understanding what happened when the man fell. You said that he “tumbled over and over down the remaining 60 feet of the escalator, and landed, not with a thud like she expected, but with a final gentle roll onto the tiled floor.” Then we learn that Emily reached the platform and was directed around the motionless body of the man. I assumed that she was riding UP the escalator because she was on her way to a party and was leaving the station and I was pretty confused. However, when I re-read it, I realized she must be going DOWN the escalator in order to board the train. Perhaps in the story you can mention that she is riding down the escalator, I think that would clarify things.
      The memory back to the sexual assault on the train was done very well. I was dreading it but I think you put us right into her mind which made it more accessible and less about the violence per se. The part about people leaving one shoe for her was great and it was positive to see that some strangers are not horrible people, but instead just caring. Excellent story.

    • I love your story. You make the whole event sound very real.

  • Tall, dark, not sure if can be called handsome. Broad and bulky, his black blazer almost coming up due to the tyres of flab bulging out from either of his sides. The black trousers had a faint golden shimmer to […]

  • Phoenix dusted the ashes and embers off her new body. A glowing tongue of fire was still ablaze in her hair. She patted it softly till the flame subsided, leaving two flamboyant streaks of orange and gold in her […]

    • What an intriguing story! I enjoyed the ideas behind your Phoenix and how you wove them together. 🙂

    • Very interesting. I love the juxtaposition of the ancient, the mythical and the ultra-modern CEO conjuring up the Tom Ford Dress. And the rigors of running a company compared to the ruling of ancient kingdoms. It’s great dark humor. Your title is wonderful and drew me in. You brought up intriguing questions that I want to know more about, such as why is Phoenix afraid to get too close to Hiya? I love the symbolism of Pheonix here. If I’ve had a tough work week and yet go back on Monday, it feels like the struggle Pheonix has at every re birth-I know have to be there and I’ve conveniently forgotten all that happened the prior week…A really fun story!

  • I was sitting by the window of this little cottage overlooking the mountains. The weather was perfect for a morning jog but that wasn’t the reason for my visit to this quaint little town. From the look of the w […]

    • Hi Kajal,
      This is such a refreshing story! I really like the impartial, kind of detached perspective of the narrator. I really liked the subtle humour and character-studies that the author provides, showing how insightful he is. The way you describe the location, it brought many fond memories to me. I am guessing it’s the mountains where he is seeking peace and solace? Your images are vivid and relatable. A great story for the holiday season! Thank you for sharing!

      • Thank you so much, Amrtita. I am glad something in this story worked. I wished to show how the writer himself was so distracted and it did not make any difference whether he was in the city or a small quaint town to write. Eventually he just went on an adventure of his own simply to evade the task at hand. Thank you.

  • Mitchell rubbed his hands together to muster warmth.  Vague uneasiness had bloomed into borderline nausea shortly after the jumpship juddered through Earth’s thermosphere.

    This wasn’t the “Ride the Stars in Sty […]

    • this was hilarious!
      I thoroughly enjoyed this take on a future not too far far away 😉😉 ( some of it though centered very firmly in the present ! 😂)

      I confess I got a teeny bit lost with some of the descriptions / slang expressions (have never heard of fake-bake before… assuming its those fake tan things) , and had to consult my trustworthy friend google on some other terms , but overall the meaning came through well enough.

      your description of his near-dry vomit had me in stitches, as did the encounter with Freida and Rayna
      I couldnt help sniggering .

      shame – somehow don’t think this expedition is going to end well for your MC….

      great story!

    • A fun read. I enjoyed the humor in it. I especially enjoyed the Sci Fi elements you brought into it. The dating scenarios for your MC were hilarious. The cool over the top picture you posted with the story fitted your tale perfectly. I wonder if the old geezer gave him a breath mint as opposed to a drug? Lol. Well done.

  • Corlwyn was astonished at how easy it had been to infiltrate the Comte’s ball—the seduction of a servant girl, the theft of a courtier’s signet ring, and a few coins to obtain a forged invitation.

    The Comte had b […]

    • Hi Michael This is a very captivating story full of rich vocabulary of the time and of visual images – I’m just struggling to make a link to the prompt, or did I miss something? Otherwise it drew you in – I had a sense Corlwyn had met his match but didn’t know what to expect, so well done for its being suspenseful to the end.

    • I liked your use of descriptive language and I found it fascinating how almost equally evil characters were pitched against each other.

  • A clap of thunder. Pregnant dark clouds. Impending rain. A storm in the offing.

    Not again. Ryan cannot wait to get home. He has a spring in his step and a song in his heart. Today is Day One at Job One. He has […]

  • Peggy lumbered up to the thin woman and asked in a congenial voice, “Good afternoon, can I help you find something?”

    The woman twisted her hands, and put back the book she had picked up several times. “No thank […]

    • What a gripping story. I held my breath to the end. I thought you did a great job of painting a picture of each of your characters. This feels like a part of a much bigger story. Great job.

    • Sad story which seems, unfortunately, more like a slice of life in some households. I hope she gets away from such a person!

    • I like what you did with the shifting point of view. I worked in a bookstore for a long time, so I was happy to hate the poor woman making the clerk stay late, but after the shift she has nothing but my sympathy. Well done.

  • Panic-stricken, I cried out: “I can’t stop it.” The symbols on my left hand glowed brighter. Searing pain shot through my arm. Sparks flared. The temperature of the room increased. Sweat dripped down my cheek […]

    • Each installment has me more intrigued. I like the thread this installment took, answering some questions while raising others. That’s what makes a good chapter to any long piece of writing. Your language also seems to be flowing more naturally in this piece, so well done on that, and well done overall. Thanks for sharing.

  • The bus was quiet. I could cut the tension in here with a knife. More than one person would be regretting their life choices right about now, I was sure. I was right there with them.

    Personally, I had never […]

    • Did you really Bungee jump? If not, I imagine you captured it well. The feeling of elation at having achieved that (and not having to do it again), must be great! I like your creative take on the prompt. I also love the idea of having a group of people to share and achieve bucket list objectives together.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for sharing this story. Your story captured the real experience very well, so well done. I like the storyline. I also like the bucket list idea in the story. The story is easy to follow and coherent.

  • Time is no slave to man or beast and neither is expectation.

    AB negative. 

    Sweet nectar for the connoisseur. The soft sharp upnotes of pheromones and the plump of skin popping like the ripened berry. 

    I l […]

  • Declan Daly was considered to be a rude, insensitive, self-loving, self-centred, ignorant young man.

    His mother adored him.

    He was an only child. She was widowed at a young age and reared him in a most […]

  • …Continued from Answers From the Fingers

    “Tori, we need your help,” Cassandra and Amanda shouted running into the library.

    “Hello ladies, how are you?”

    “Fine, but we don’t have time to chat,” they replied […]

    • I’m always thrilled with your renderings of words fully developing a story that takes me on great new journeys! Thanks Debbie and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Thanks for another installment, Debbie. The end did make me interested to know where you may be going with this. As always, so enjoyed your story xxx

  • It was a sunny day in a park in the small town. At that time day, it was not very busy. A man named John watched a woman from a distance, considering what he was going to say to her. He had seen her in passing the […]

  • Angela withdrew gently from the kiss. A sigh, followed by a snicker involuntarily escaped her lips. Seated on the hood of Deon’s Honda Civic, she paused and stared into his eyes, before shaking her head. It was a […]

  • Zoey approached Santa as he watched the elves working. “Excuse me, sir. Have you made a decision yet?”

    “I’m sorry, Zoey. I haven’t yet.”

    “I know it’s not easy, but we need a decision soon. I want to have time to […]

    • Awwww!! I loved this story. I just became a puddle inside when I got to the end. Beautifully written and sure to make any one feel the Christmas spirit. 🙂

      • Thank you. One thing I knew all year was I wanted to write a Christmas story for December. I’m glad it worked.

    • What a sweet Christmas story. I am still wondering why Santa was so put off by Winky, though. Was it that he was too analytical?

      • Thanks for your comment. In the final version of the story, it wasn’t anything in particular that put Santa off. They just didn’t click. I had wanted to add a section that showed them to be opposites, Santa likes the Red Sox and Winky likes the Yankees, Santa likes his lobster roll with melted butter but Winky likes them with mayo, stuff like that. Unfortunately 1200 words wasn’t enough room to do that.

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