• No Sale by Anthony
    “When he’s at the bar, that’s when you’ll move in,” Georgia was saying.  “I’ll make sure I have a call I have to take out on the terrace. He’ll be alone. You’ll approach him with your best smi […]

  • The Message by Athina Antoniou


    No one knew who lived in the big, rundown, three-storey house at the end of the road. The place was always quiet, with shutters on the windows and an air of neglect. There were […]

  • Red Lipstick by Chuck Boyd


    Scrubbing, scrubbing.  Nothing.  Such a chore.

    Joel vaguely hears footsteps — someone coming or going.

    Scrub, scrub. Frantically.

    “Whatchya doin’, pal?”

    Joel looks up.  A ma […]

  • First date by Amina K
    Amy woke up earlier than usual. She feigned a smile, didn’t bother to open her eyes while crouching towards a balcony door where she left a window in airing position. She returned to the […]

  • Red Lipstick by Semakula Emmanuel
    A singing mawkish male voice filled the badly lit hallway punctuated by the sound of boots worn by the police officers. With each step, they felt the new prisoner’s weight on t […]

    • Well written — you captured my sympathy/empathy with your MCs. I admire the tone of empowerment within such a homophobic cruel environment.

  • The knocking at the door by Azul Aragon
    Toc, toc, toc.
    I hear some knocking coming from the door. I turn my head to see if it was just my imagination or if it was real.
    Toc, toc, toc.
    Not my imagination. But […]

    • Hi,

      I enjoyed reading the story. It had a few unexpected turns, which I found very entertaining. You engaged my attention from the beginning. And you left me with enough questions at the end to want to read more. It was easy to read and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing the story!

  • Temptation by Riham Gharib
    “That’s an interesting shade of lipstick”

    Adam said each word slowly and absentmindedly, as he reached out to touch Eva’s lips. 

    “It’s also silly expensive, so please don’t mess i […]

  • It Gets Better by Eva-Maria


    Big City, 1920s.

    ‘Good evening, Carol! Going out?‘

    ‘Good evening, Mrs Smith, Mrs. Hooper! There’s a dance at the school tonight.’

    ‘Did you see her face? She’s painted her l […]

    • Hi Eva Maria ! How are you?? Hope you are safe and well! This is an interesting take on ‘lipstick through the ages’ – for my parents’ generation it (along with painted toe nails!!) will forever signify a loose woman, then you were naked without it and now it’s is a non binary cosmetic!!! Very original, as always! Well done!

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  • Photo by Benjamin Behre on Unsplash
    Paltook by Mia Botha
    They step out of the portal and blink into the light. The waves crash beneath them as they teeter near the edge.
    “That was close.” Daniel looks down as […]

    • Yuk indeed – a slash story! Couldn’t they just have their tongues cut out???!!! Haunting imagery, for which, thank you!!! D

    • Nice! I like the way you land us in a mysterious place, lead us on a side-track to a quest with odd inhabitants and then wrap it all up with a grim revelation. Oh, plus a bit of a cliff hanger for good measure.

    • This is great. Kooky and twisted and reminiscent of those ‘Choose your own adventure” books I read in the 1980’s. Nice stuff, Mia!

  • Her Red Lipstick by Joyce Finny


    It looks like her lips are bleeding. But they aren’t. It’s just her lipstick starkly highlighting her face gone pale. She doesn’t need the lipstick to stand out, though. The f […]

    • Hi Joyce – this is excellent – what a character you have created – carrying so much figuratively and then carrying her literal burden for which she is reviled. Tradition really does have double standards, doesn’t it. Super well done.
      (NB stripped her of, not off , her savings. Tiny edit) Sending love from South Africa. D

      • Hey Deryn! How have you been?!! I barely made it today. For some reason, I kept thinking that the deadline was tomorrow 😀

        I need to take some time out and read all of my favourite people’s stories 🙂

        I’m glad you liked this story 🙂 Yeah, it’s always a double-edged sword, especially for a woman. No matter how hard she tries, she is always wrong. So might as well just do what feels right to her 🙂

        I’m not too happy with my story though; I think I could’ve done better. But something’s better than nothing. Thanks for the edit. I’ll fix that shortly.

    • oh my. Joyce!
      without a shadow of a doubt,this is your best work yet !
      the fierceness of this woman’s character shines through and you have used some stellar phrases that wow me :
      In their gaze, crawling against her skin.
      Until she chooses to be.
      Wearing a saree. And heels. And a bright red lipstick.

      and then the touch of lighthearted humour at the end – much like the lipstick – that seems to lift one’s hope and know… she will be okay. she’s a survivor.

      brilliant!! 👏👏👏

      • Really?? Just when I think I should pack up, you come up with a comment like that!! 😀 😀

        Yeah, she is a survivor. She is the friend of a friend. Pretty admirable, what she has accomplished so far. She managed to put her sisters through college, support her mom while her dad was bedridden. She had to take a call to go with a kidney transplant for her father. It didn’t work out. She got so much flak for that, even to the point that people said she was responsible for his early death.

        Sometimes you just have to make a decision. Not taking that step can be costlier than taking one. But life is never that easy to answer, isn’t it? 🙂 She was the first woman in her family to perform the last rites for a loved one. Takes so much courage 🙂

    • Hi. I enjoyed reading your story a lot. So many sub stories folded neatly in one very short story, bringing your point across and rounded off very well at the end. This was an idea put into motion and delivered with execution style. Thank you for sharing!

      • Thank you for reading and commenting, Mara!! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the story, and found those sub-plots interesting 🙂

  • Talk to Him by Jennifer Bozarth
    Joann was beginning to doubt she would ever catch Seth’s attention. She’d tried eye catching clothes and then dying her hair. Nothing worked.

    She’d spent an hour on the phone […]

    • Hi Jennifer! Haha this is a funny little twist! Colour blind! Well done on a good story. The first 3 paragraphs had some repetition in them and could be tightened up a little, but then as it got into her dilemma at the office, it settled down. Maybe use more dialogue between Joann and Janet. But I enjoyed this!

    • Hi! Really funny story. I enjoyed. I like also her way of hesitation to wear red lipstick. She has overcome her fear which is good for her at least . I guess he was not only colour blind!

  • His Gift by Anusuya Kashi


    The old man shuffled inside, glancing about, unsure of himself. He’d never come to this huge store on the outskirts of his village. If his wife Lakshmi had been there, she would h […]

  • Bad Luck Jill by Matt Williams
    Dear Diary,
    Just a quick update before I walk into the restaurant.
    Here we go again. I have a date with a guy named Phil tonight. I‘ve been looking forward to this for days. I m […]

    • I love the format — innovative — it captures the voice of your MC. She’s fearless, funny; you write women with respect.

  • Red Mirror by India Rattler


    Walking through an old abandoned house was not what he thought he would be doing tonight. This house had been in his neighborhood for years, no one ever bought it, not while he had […]

    • Oh oh, do tell more! So well done, you ramped up the suspense, with so few words you have painted your MC so that we, as readers, are with him in the dreaded bathroom.

  • Red Lipstick by Mary Lasher


    Marion gently holds the reins as the chestnut mare guides her way back to her familiar home. As they round the bend about to cross over the wooden Sycamore Creek Bridge, the horse […]

  • Keep Smiling by Nam Raj Khatri
    Liam is a simple man. His coworkers and subordinates and are both men and women. He is especially attentive to Mandy because of her simplicity. One of the motivation of Liam to […]

  • Awaiting Judgment by EMScott
    That red slash ignites the ants under her skin. With a wrist flick, she swats away the itch. But their numbers multiply. Their feasting will burst through her freckled forearm. […]

    • Hello!
      I like how the red slash appear to be reason of Judge’s mood to be more favorable to Miranda. That day thanks to the pink balm which ruled the decision the Judge has shown some solidarity to Miranda’s situation. Awesome minor details.

  • Blood Red by Ariana Adamson


    “It’s not mine.” The woman shrugged looking at the photos.

    “Ma’am, I need to ask. A witness said they saw you leave the crime scene and you don’t have an alibi-

    “I was asleep! I […]

    • Hi. Entertaining story. I do have a few questions: if she got away with it…why would she invite the cop working on the case for dinner and then plan to kill him (perhaps I am mistakenly assuming there is a reason killers kill:-))? The adjustment in the story moving from the one scene to the “evening and date” scene were not done very well – but that might be something that was lost when you copied and pasted your story so I am just going to suggest to look at that next time after you loaded your story. I did not expect her to be the killer so well done for that curve ball in the story. And thank you for sharing – I really enjoyed it…

    • I loved this. You were clever with your set up here and you told us so much with so little. Nicely written… I knew she was the killer immediately from the ‘glint in her eye disappearing’. So, some will say it was a give away but I say isnt that what writing is about? Being able to entice the reader with tit bits and drag them into the unknown?!
      The confusion for me was with the characters. Perhaps next time you would bring their names in earlier on, So. when Angela was talking to Jack in the beginning and she called him Officer – there she could have called him Officer Jack. Getting the identity of who you are dealing with early on is all part of the hook. Also after he agrees to go to dinner with her, the last line is “Sure”. After that you can put a * to show time has elapsed. It wasnt totally clear for me that he had come back with the flowers later, for the date.
      A classic thriller piece. WELL DONE for your first post!

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