ABC, 123 by Liz Elfring

ABC, 123 by Liz Elfring # To Rhyme or not to rhyme, that is the question, now I must ruminate, hope I don’t get indigestion. First line is A, the second a B What comes next? We’ll just have to see. I look in the book of words that rhyme, but reading each entry sure...

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14 days ago

Hi Liz. The poem, for me evoked a sense of playfulness, that was both engaging and entertaining. That bit of humour towards the end did it, for me. Well done, and thank you!

Nissan Abadi
14 days ago

HI Liz.
Yes, we all get mad with the rhymes. But once done, they are exhilarating.
Writing poems is, of course, not only rhyming. Everyone finds his favorite genre.
Uneasy, doubt provoking poems have their own place.
Thank you for sharing.

13 days ago

Draw that curtain back for an encore, Liz. That was well done. 🙂

Christian Donovan
11 days ago

Hello Liz, Your poem is ingenious. I like the lines: ‘I try to rhyme loot, / with an
unhappy foot, / even as slant rhyme, / it is not, but kaput! Great stuff.