A March Hope by KB

The day before the rescue turned into a recovery and hard-eyed men turned into children in the arms of their loved ones, an anxious kind of hope spread throughout the small seaside town.  Mother and son had disappeared two days before on the kind of March day that made winter look like it would never end and had people questioning if spring was only a half-remembered fever dream.

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7 months ago

Alarming and dark, which is a guilty pleasure. I will pay for it in my dreams. Your opening paragraph is perfect. Your representation of judging is bang on. We all do it with such ease.

8 months ago

Hey KB, and how goes it? This was a tough read but beautifully written. Kudos. The opening paragraph is great, and in spite of the second sentence running slightly overlong, it set up the story perfectly. I wasn’t sure about the end of sentence “..two sets of footprints took off into the snow,” though. If the two were lost two days ago, and on a day that “..made winter look like it would never end..” wouldn’t the footprints have been covered up by now? Plus, “took off” feels a bit active for the circumstance, I’d have thought that if the footprints did survive, they would be “two sets of footprints took petered off down the trail…” or something like that. As always, I hope these comments help and no worries if you ignore all or some of them. Also, you are right. The story is short and it leaves the reader with a lot of questions. But the writing is really moving. Well done and very best regards, Seyi