A Killer Dilemma by Jes Brimer


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9 months ago

Jes, Did you use all 12 prompts? What a neat idea! I see most of them, but you did it so well and subtly. Amazing! I am always impressed by your creative story ideas and how well you pull them off. I am curious to know why these assassins owe their service to Venemous. See you in 2020? -Becky

Amrita Sarkar
9 months ago

Hi Jes,
That was an interesting take on this year’s prompts! I loved what you did with them – it was really creative of you to plug them in. When I started to read the story and the names of the characters, it gave off ‘Kill Bill’ vibes. I had braced myself for a kickass tale. But with the introduction of the little girl in the story, the plot took a turn. It was fun where it headed. I am guessing they plan to take the girl into their gang? Great writing! Thank you for sharing!

Hyle Bathurst
9 months ago

Hey Jes!
I loved this! I am a fan of snakes, as you know and I love how each character was human, yet snake in mind. Lethal.
Also, I thought there were some parts that reminded me of the stories we’ve done throughout the year and it looks like I’m right and you used all the prompts of the year! That’s so creative!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy holidays!

Christy Kunin
9 months ago

I loved how you wove in all of the prompts. Your characters are so cleverly drawn. I think this could be the beginning of a bigger work focused on venomous. Wonderful. I hope I’ll see you here again next year.

Paul J P Slater
9 months ago

Hi Jes,

Clever use of the prompts. Well done.
I do like the characters. You can do a lot with them.
I also like the sentence length variation. It changes the pace as the story unfolds. Nice one.

Watch out for too many “s’s”. Methinks “My boots echo” or “My boots echoed” depending on the tense. But not plural.

Thank you for sharing. Keep writing.


9 months ago

hi Jes, I enjoyed your story, you’ve created interesting and intriguing characters with great potential for placing them inside a multitude of plots. I loved that you wove all the prompts in, that added such a great touch. Well done!

8 months ago

Hi Jes. I really enjoyed how you brought in all the prompts and how the final prompt was the theme. Well done on an intriguing piece that can so easily be developed into a far longer tale but that had an appropriate end too.