A, E, I, O, U, and Sometimes Y, by Liz Elfring

A, E, I, O, U, and Sometimes Y, by Liz Elfring # Do you feel left out? Off to the side? You only count sometimes. Only when you’re needed, and then grudgingly. You are only a sometimes. We don’t call unless we need something from you. You are helpful, handy, know a few things. Sometimes...

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David Weimer
4 days ago

I like the twist on the prompt. And the personalization of the letter. I’m a bit confused by the line breaks. It doesn’t seem to be prose poetry, but the breaks seem random, the way they would be at the end of a line of prose. That said, the poem works for me. Nice job.

Lauren Benere-Forder

This was such a great twist on the prompt! You really dig into some very real emotions. I especially liked how you created a harsh, frank voice that justified the hurtful exclusion. Nicely done!

Christian Donovan
2 days ago

Hello Liz. Your poem on the hurt caused by exclusion from a social group is moving. The repetition of ‘sometimes’ presses the message home. Well done on writing it.